About Us

Founded in September 2020 as an ecommerce platform designed to bring competitive pricings, choice, convenience and a flexible supply chain for reliable delivery of goods. We feel all of these dimensions can be of benefit to the Sri Lankan product consumers. Laktree.com is a subsidiary of Laktree International Privat Limited. Our branches are located in several countries such as, United Kingdom & Italy. 

We are a digital platform connecting the consumers and vendors across the world in order to facilitate their needs of buying and selling quality products within the global market at affordable rates.

Our Vision

Connecting people throughout the world to their native products and to help them discover excellence as we deliver on the promise of our vision and our promise to our customers

Our Mission

Use technology and the power of the internet to connect people and enable them to have access to buy products online with providing a viable and sustainable platform for buying and selling of a wide assortment of products online.

Our Goal

Our goal is to prove that e-commerce is possible in Sri Lanka, that people would surf the Internet in large enough numbers, find attractive offers, buy products and we would do everything in our power to deliver them and gain market shares quickly. Moreover, developed countries have more purchasing power than developing countries. Therefore, when we reach global market, Sri Lankan economy can gain Foreign currency easily.

Contact Us

We would like to have a conversation with you about marketing…!

Contact No – Sri Lanka: +94 706 230 230 Italy: +39 3 297 277 248      UK: +44 1 462 420 198

Email Address: info@laktree.com

Website: www.laktree.com

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